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We exist to experiment and play with AI in different media and formats (visual arts, photography, music, products, and more)

AI as a post-modern technological expression of the collective unconscious

Why Archetype? With our digital brushes dipped in algorithmic ingenuity, we want to explore (and debate) the idea that AI can be a post-modern technological expression of the collective unconscious (Jung).

The collective unconscious comprises archetypes that play a role in producing ideas, symbols, and actions. By learning from a vast amount of content produced by humans, AI is touching into something that is deeply ingrained in the human psyche (patterns of images and language), and it can be considered, in some way, a post-modern technological expression of the collective unconscious.

What we do.

When talking about AI, we are more excited than scared.


A collaborative design process that combines our field expertise with the new creative power of AI. We work hand-in-hand with you to brainstorm, concept development, and iterative improvements.

UX + UI design

Focus on crafting unique user experiences. We understand user behavior to create interfaces that are intuitive, visually appealing, and easy to use. User Centered Design process.


After design, prototyping and user testing, it's time to build it, and make it real. Our team of DEVs can code and build products in multiple programming languages. 

Model Selection

We can help you identify the best AI models for your needs and budget, or develop custom models

Config. API Usage

Optimise the code and requests for a better usage of API calls to reduce costs

Fine Tuning

Train and tune models so they can fit your brand and business in order to unlock the best product features


Solid experience on UX Design and Development

Odair Faleco_edited.jpg

Odair Faleco

Senior Product Designer

Working in the tech field for more than fifteen years as UI & UX designer. Experience with design agencies like DDB, R/GA, and Accenture. A creative mind who likes to experiment in different areas like Music, Street Photography, and Visual Arts. Runway Creative Partner.

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Andrey Kornilov

Full Stack Software Engineer

Marking his presence at tech leaders like Accenture and Citrix. Intrigued by AI and Web3, he envisions a tech-enhanced future. Apart from tech, music fills his world, offering a unique blend to his innovative approach.

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AI will impact and transform every business.

The genie is already out of the bottle.
How might we make your product smarter?

Let's talk and discover, together.

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