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Transform your music into a unique visual experience 🤘🏻

Today we consume more videos than ever! Increase your audience engagement with a professional high-quality music video, and tell your story like never before.

How does
it work?

Looking for a groundbreaking and conceptual music video that truly captures your artistic vision?


At Archetype AI, we offer a unique service that combines technology and creativity to create something truly original for your band.


With our co-creation process, you’ll be involved in every step. Our fair pricing means no hidden fees, no bullshit. Let’s create something amazing together!

Define the Concept and Story

First, we will listen to and feel your music. Based on that we can propose a concept/storytelling for your video. You can also share your ideas if you already have one.


Approve the Key Visuals

After approval of the concept, we will generate some of the main frames and visuals that will be animated (key moments, look and feel)


Approve a Sample Teaser

If everyone is happy, we will start with the animation process and share with you a piece of the video (teaser)


Final Delivery

We will send a low-resolution version of your full music video for approval. You will have the opportunity to make a few change requests in case you don't like something.



The average duration of the whole process is from 30 to 45 days.
(It can vary according to complexity, change requests, and speed of approval from band side)



Before we start the process, both parties will sign a simple, direct, and transparent contract, which is a guarantee for both sides. A payment signal of 50% is required, so we can start to work in your unique music video. The other part of the payment will be done once we finish your video, before the delivery in high resolution. Prices are fixed and transparent, but may vary according to your video duration.


Benefits of using AI to create a stunning and unique music video for your band

Unleash Your Imagination

Let AI music videos bring your wildest creative visions to life! From futuristic fantasies to retro vibes, AI knows no limits in transforming your music into mesmerizing visuals.

Cost-Effective Brilliance

Save your hard-earned cash without compromising on quality. AI-powered music videos offer a pocket-friendly solution that doesn't skimp on cinematic feeling.

Engage and Captivate

Elevate your band's online presence with visuals that stop scrollers. AI music videos increase engagement, boost social media shares, and create a buzz that's hard to ignore.

Effortless Production

Say goodbye to the logistical nightmares of traditional video production. Our service streamlines the process, letting you focus on your music while AI takes care of the visuals.

Consistent Branding

Maintain a strong and consistent visual identity across your music catalog. AI ensures that your videos match your band's aesthetic, creating a recognizable and memorable style.

Time-Saving Magic

Time is precious, and AI helps you make the most of it. With speedy production and minimal post-editing, you can release music videos in record time, keeping your audience engaged and eager for more.

Our work

Here are some music videos we created. Our team is formed by professional designers and musicians

Fair prices

We understand that many bands operate on tight budgets, that's why we've made it our mission to keep our pricing straightforward, transparent, and budget-friendly


- Final delivery at 1792 × 1024 px resolution

- Band approval during the process

- 2 feedback change requests

- Pay 50% signal + 50% before final delivery

- Videos until 5 min

(videos longer than 5 min may have a price increase)

399 EUR

🕥 Limited time offer


- Final delivery at 3584 × 2048 px resolution

- Band approval during the process

- 4 feedback change requests

- Pay 50% signal + 50% before final delivery

- Videos until 5 min

(videos longer than 5 min may have a price increase)

499 EUR

🕥 Limited time offer

Ready to turn your music into a visual experience?
Let's do it together!

Thanks! We will contact you soon 🤘🏻

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