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Do the Evolution - AI

Area of experiment

AI Music Video


December 2023

When I was a teenager, in the 90s, we used to record multiple VHS tapes with music videos from MTV 📼 Those tapes used to circle around and be exchanged among other friends (yes, we had no internet).

I remember like today, the first time a friend of mine showed me the music video of “Do the Evolution” by Pearl Jam – It just totally blew my mind!💥 It’s definitely one of the best music videos I have seen in my whole life! Because of it I also discovered who Todd McFarlane was.

I was looking for a theme to play around with #midjourneyV6 +@runwayml, so I decided to redesign this music video in my way. Yes, this is a fan music video, no shame about it. My idea was just to do a small part of it, but I got so excited in the middle that I decided to make it until the end. For all the 90s grunge lovers out there, hope you enjoy!🤘🏻

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