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Mars Hotel Spa

Area of experiment

AI Avertisement


December 2023

Project type

AI Video

In the realm of creative production, the advent of AI tools has ushered in a transformative era, rendering traditional methods almost (comically) impractical. The sheer magnitude of the gap—be it in terms of time, cost, or manpower—defies comparison. The availability of these AI tools empowers individuals to function as entire production studios, marking a revolutionary shift in creative capabilities. The integration of AI has truly made the once seemingly insurmountable tasks fantastically achievable.

Beyond the inherent challenge, my objective with this short film extends to showcasing the profound impact of AI on the realms of Marketing and Advertising. This project serves as a testament to the potential of AI to revolutionize these industries by significantly reducing production costs and timelines. The film, crafted in a mere two days by a single individual, offers a glimpse into the future where AI plays a pivotal role in reshaping the landscape of creative content creation.

In creating this short film, I aimed to infuse elements from my Brazilian culture, drawing inspiration from the iconic modernist architect Oscar Niemeyer. Niemeyer’s avant-garde style and distinctive curves, exemplified in structures like the Copan in São Paulo, greatly influenced me. To capture this essence, I incorporated Wes Anderson’s color palette and futuristic architectural elements from Niemeyer, crafting a unique cinematic experience.

AI advertisement directed by Odair Faleco

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